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Top 10 Content Marketing Mistakes of 2017 (and How to Fix Them)

You’ve made your resolution: you’re going to create a fundamentally sound content marketing strategy. After all you’ve read in 2016, you know it’s just what you need to invest in to become a titan of your industry. But as you get started on your content marketing journey, there are a few content marketing mistakes those have made in the past that you need to know.

International Women's Day With Katherine Maver Blog Post Cover Image

International Women’s Day: An Interview With IBM Consultant Katherine Maver

I first met Katherine Maver when I was seated next to her at a corporate event held at Goldman’s Sydney offices. We chatted about our jobs, and Katherine’s recent return to Sydney following years of global trotting as a highly skilled consultant for IBM. We talked at length about various roles and business challenges she faced as a woman in an industry dominated by men. And then to my absolute surprise, she told me she was a trans woman.