The power of the written word.

Words – or ‘written content’ as we now call it – are still the backbone of your overall content strategy because there’s nothing Google likes more than relevant, intelligent, helpful, concise and well-written content. The text on your website is – literally – what feeds Google and gets high rankings for your top-selling keywords. Good quality written content is still hard to beat.

SEO-driven content improves your Google ranking, drives targeted traffic, and gets your customers to engage, like and buy. What’s not to like about that?

This means that your SEO copywriting is vital to the success of your website’s content and plays an absolutely critical role in all phases of your sales conversion funnel. Given the important job written content has to do in attracting customers to your site, it drives us crazy when it is treated as an afterthought in the web design and development process. If content doesn’t get a seat at the planning table right from the get-go, then often you’re left trying to shove a giant peg into a tiny square hole.

SEO copywriting works ridiculously hard to…


Feed Google

high quality, highly-relevant, optimized content and Google will reward your website with page one rankings and juicy visitor traffic – of the right kind of audience. And that is the best way to get targeted leads to your website.


your customers within the critical 4-6 seconds window you have to capture their attention. Yes – that’s the attention span on the web, 4-6 seconds – almost half the attention span of your average goldfish.


by communicating trust in your brand. If they don’t trust you, they’re not going to hang around and read the rest. Instead they’re off visiting your competitor’s website.

Semantic search keyword-driven approach to content optimization.

We start by researching your top, target audience keywords within the context of semantic search – the latest thing in search technology that ensures that search accuracy is improved by understanding the user’s intent and the context within which they’re searching.

This is critical for your own search strategy because it ensures that you’re going to capture the right kind of customer, at the right part of their buying phase.

For example, say for a family lawyer, a long-tail keyword like “how do I separate from my husband” will attract a buyer at the very beginning of their search process. But a keyword such as “divorce lawyer Sydney” will attract someone who wants to engage with a lawyer – and fast.

The semantic approach ensures you get the right kind of traffic at the right phase of the sales conversion funnel. So whether your customers are at the very beginning of researching your service or product in the awareness phase or have their wallets open and are ready to buy in the purchase phase, we make sure they notice you in a crowded market place.


Our team includes over 100+ web copywriters.

Our in-house editorial team works with a network of over 100+ writers, journalists, copywriters, editors, sub-editors, SEO strategists, and researchers. Quality written content is the collective work of a whole team of specialists with finely-honed skill sets working together to produce great written content in a wide range of formats for a vast range of industry segments. And that’s great news for everyone who’s ever turned to the internet for help, knowledge or to discover something new.

Web copywriting that rides the waves of Google’s algorithm changes.

Google takes great pleasure in never revealing its secret algorithm sauce, but your search results will reveal plenty of those essential ingredients. Find yourself on page one organically and you’ve nailed it.

Some of our web copywriters are SEO veterans with over 10+ years (which is like 100 years in the Internet Age) of writing optimised copy and tracking how their work interacts with Google’s frequent algorithm changes.

Over the years we’ve developed a style that works to not only get good rankings and targeted traffic, but helps your website to stay there. When you’re in it for the long haul, sustainability is the key to success.

Want to know more about SEO copywriting and how it will get your site ranking well in Google and other search engines?