We’re on a mission to save kittens.

It’s widely known in PowerPoint circles that acknowledged Godfather of information design, Professor Edward Tufte, is so anti-PowerPoint that every time someone makes a PowerPoint presentation, he kills a kitten. He’s probably only kidding but we don’t want to risk it.

If that doesn’t convince you that 99% of PowerPoint presentations are fundamentally flawed as a means of delivering knowledge, nothing will.

Are your presentations putting your audience to sleep?

Your target audience is continually being subjected to dull static images, tedious designs, random bullet points, too much bold text, and endless boring tables. Stuff that usually has them nodding off and catching a few Z’s while the lights are dimmed instead of listening to you.

PowerPoint presentation design that doesn’t suck.

Wouldn’t life be better if PowerPoint presentations actually engaged your audience by making them feel something? To sit on the edge of their seats because they have no idea what’s going to happen next? To tell your story in a way that they can’t wait to hear the next chapter?

Well-designed presentations that really speak to your audience not only look beautiful, they are also visually persuasive. We’re making sure that presentation slides stuffed with too many words, teeming with boring bullet points and infested with bad clip-art (we’re even shuddering thinking about it) are a thing of the past.

As specialists in all things visual communication we combine our technological expertise and data design skills across various media formats to bring you a stimulating mix of animation, video, data visualization, voiceover, music, text, and engaging graphic formats such as infographics, explainer videos and motion graphics.

The benefits of great presentation design are clear:


Increase your credibility

The more you share your knowledge and expertise, the more your audience will trust you.

Maximise your first impression

You don’t get a second chance to nail that first impression.

Increase sales

The more engaged and entertained your audience, the more likely they are to buy what you’re selling.

Communicate effectively

Ensure that your audience “gets it”, is spellbound and compelled to take action.

Maximise Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Get a larger share of your audience to take action.

Raise capital

Looking for investors? Your pitch presentation could be worth millions.


Presentations aren’t just about PowerPoint anymore.

You can blame Steve Jobs for an increased universal demand for beautiful design – and that includes presentation design. PowerPoint is still a dominant force, but there are a bunch of eager competitors in the market ready to take the lead in the presentation technology space. The digital landscape is constantly evolving.

Innovation means faster and cooler ways of doing things – and presentations are no exception. New apps and programs that are fast becoming popular include Keynote, Google Slides, Slideshare, Prezi, and Haiku Deck – just to name a few. We keep up to date with these latest advances and look forward to using the next new killer presentation app.

Your presentation can be translated into various mediums.

When you’ve got your super cool new presentation ready to engage, educate and even entertain your audience, remember that what you’ve got is a valuable content asset. This asset can also be easily translated into a white paper, a blog article, social media micro content, website landing page, email marketing, or even an eBook. The possibilities are almost limitless and the demand for beautiful design is not an unreasonable request. Seriously, haven’t we all suffered enough?

We’re on a mission to save kittens. If we design your presentation we promise a kitten will live to see another day. True story.