Motion Graphics and Animated Explainer Videos

What was the first thing you did when you landed on this page? Did you click on the explainer video above that explained explainer videos? If you clicked the video before you read anything on the page, then you’ve played your part in the explosive uptake of online video content.

Video will soon own the Internet. True story.

Our client case studies have shown that motion graphics, or as they’re also known, animated explainer videos, get incredible audience engagement and recall. Explainer videos are so good at their job, they have fast become one of the most powerful story telling formats in the content marketing toolbox.

In fact, according to a recent study* by the gurus at the US-based Content Marketing Institute, of the most effective methods used by B2B marketers, video was the big winner, with a whopping 92% of B2B marketers now using video, beating out email newsletters (81%) and blogs (80%). Now that’s impressive.

B2B Marketers use:

Video 92%
Email 81%
Blogs 80%

As technology advances the use of video marketing grows, and for a good reason.

With possibly over 50% of your website visitors interacting with your website using a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet and faster bandwidths speeding up download times, video is more and more becoming the favoured format of digital marketing.

The beauty of a well-produced explainer video is that you condense all your main selling points, features and benefits, customer education, and calls-to-action, along with powerful sales conversion tactics, into a single, highly effective communication message that can be easily digested within about 90 seconds. Oh, and people love watching and sharing great video content.

The stats don’t lie: video triumphs over all other forms of media.

of customers would rather watch a video than read text
greater message retention with video than text
of people are more likely to buy a product after viewing an explainer video (Internet Retailer)
of people view a brand in a more positive light after watching a explainer video (Axonn)

Great storytelling achieves business objectives and boosts ROI.

We are Australia’s leading specialists in motion and animation design thanks to our talented and creative motion graphic designers, scriptwriters, and researchers. And because explainer videos and motion graphics are like little movies that use emotive story telling techniques like animation, music, sound effects, 3D effects and voice overs, they are also super fun to make – and our clients love being involved in bringing their story to life in this format.

Once we’ve created your video, we’ll also help you get it in front of the right audience and track the success of your video project via inbound marketing automation technology, so that you’ll be able to see the impact your video has had on your business and track ROI all the way.

What makes a great motion graphic or explainer video?


Engaging Story

Online attention spans are short. If motion graphics do their job well, people are engaged immediately, and are with you all the way through your story.

A Great Tool

Motion graphics are great tools for story-telling. Animation, music, sound effects and voice-overs combine to inject an emotive feel to your story, because your audience is engaged by more than one sensory stimulus at a time. Emotion is a powerful tool.

Just 2 Minutes

We believe that every single business, brand and campaign can tell their story; describe their product; or explain their process; in less than two minutes using a motion graphic. Let us show you how we can tell your story.

How can you use an explainer video or motion graphic to help bring your brand story to life in 90 seconds or less? Ask us how.