What is micro content and how does it work?

Micro content, also known as social media content, is a ‘snack sized’ content format that provides a snapshot, or extract of a much larger or longer piece of content.

Micro content can take many forms, but because it is short and sharp, it can be created quickly and is often the go-to format for businesses and brands wanting to seize on a real-time opportunity.

If you’re wondering about the power of micro content to reach millions, then look no further than the famous ‘Oreo Cookie Tweet’ – a case study filed under “legendary” in just about every content marketing playbook available.

Small but powerful, the micro impacts the macro – in a big way.

The immense power of micro content comes down to commitment. That is, users know that they only have to invest a short amount of time into your content, and that makes engagement more likely, especially on social media. Remember that short online attention span we keep talking about…?

A good way of understanding the value of micro content is to look at it in the context of a longer form piece of content. You may have invested in a white paper or eBook, and be looking to extend the lifespan of that content for as long as possible.

Micro content would take the form of key standalone stats or power statements from those longer form pieces. They capture attention super fast and increase the likelihood of sharing, and ultimately drive increased downloads to the long-from content.

Micro Content should be a key component of your content marketing strategy because of the powerful results it generates. And the format and channel you choose will depend on your target audience and business objectives.

Great examples of micro content include:

By taking a micro content approach, you can add large volumes of snack-sized content into your content marketing mix. Social media teams love micro content because it enables them to participate in – and possibly own – a real-time conversation or issue through content created on the fly, as opposed to a 2500-word blog article which cannot be produced effectively within a limited window of opportunity. Oh, and people love sharing micro content.

Micro content drives your content budget further

Because of its size and ease of creation, micro content formats can deliver great value to any content marketing budget. Micro content is lean content creation at its finest and it’s a great approach to breathe new life into existing, evergreen content formats.

Micro content includes an ever-widening, and fast evolving variety of media formats and social channels.

We have a highly skilled, quick-thinking team of designers, researchers and strategists who stay up to date with the latest in social media platforms, and will work collaboratively with you to tell your story through various formats and channels:

  • Video sharing such as a six-second Vine clip, 20 embedded Facebook video, or 10 second Instagram hit.,
  • Image sharing on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest
  • Tweets, animated GIFs, mini infographics, illustrations and power statements and quotes

Want to know more about shareworthy micro content that can showcase your brand personality, extend the life of existing content, engage with your audience super fast and primed for all social media channels to meet your business objectives?