Can you imagine a world where people have an attention span of 4-6 seconds? We’re living it right now and it’s called the Internet.

To connect with people and hold them beyond that 6 second barrier, you must be able to communicate information quickly and in a highly engaging, easy to understand, easy to share, and social media-savvy format. And that’s some challenge when your story is more complex than a piano-playing kitten.

What is an infographic?

An infographic combines text and images in an intelligent and engaging way to communicate the top-selling benefits of your product or service within a short time frame. Not only are Infographics key content formats for visual thinkers and they work to explain almost anything, but they also work as educational tools for non-profit organizations, or government agencies, to communicate effectively to their target audience.


A single infographic can be used in multiple ways in multiple mediums:


Explain Complex Ideas in Blogs

Within the context of a blog article to explain complex ideas or concepts

Share on Social Media

Via your social media channels with the aim of getting the content shared

Use Throughout Media

In eBooks, whitepapers, PowerPoint presentations, and on your website

Use Throughout Print

In printed material such as sales brochures, annual reports, or posters


People love infographics and here’s why:

Infographics unleash a new and exciting form of content. People love them because they’re really interesting to look at and, best of all, easy to understand. The infographic is fast becoming a key content player, and is an essential part of any content marketing strategy.

When and where to use Infographics

Infographics are great for launching a new product or service, where you need to explain it quickly and effectively to your customers. They’re also really effective for communicating a process, scientific data, technical information, or social-based research, in a way that a broader audience will “get it”.

Help your audience to understand things through simple, logical, clean and uncluttered visual content and they’ll love you forever.

Our Infographic Design Process

To produce an infographic we combine the skills of journalism, analysis, and design. We help you bring to life your visual communication objectives by using supporting data and key information, while crafting an insightful, and well-designed visualisation of that idea. It takes a special set of skills to turn complex stories into beautiful, simple visual content that is easy to comprehend in a short period of time.

Every infographic is constructed of three parts: a story, a design, and a set of requirements.


What's Your Story?

Every infographic has a story to tell, a job to do. Infographics can be informative, instructive, and persuasive. We use your story to construct a simple and flowing narrative that builds to logical conclusion. You’re an expert in your business; it’s our job to construct a narrative with your data and unique content. And to do that, we use techniques from journalism and advertising.


Engaging Design

Infographic design is a specialised art. As a subset of digital design, it incorporates look-and-feel elements such as typography and colour palettes with the theories and practices of data visualisation. Infographic styles can vary, including three-dimensional, retro or historical, and thematic. Our design process will take into consideration your brand guidelines, style guide, and match them up with a style of infographic that you like that can tell your story effectively.


Technical Requirements

In our requirements gathering process, we collect things like the format that you’d like your infographic to come in. For example, do you need a JPG, GIF or PDF? Will you need an infographic that you can use in your Facebook and Twitter advertising campaign? Or is it for your email marketing campaign? The particular marketing channel you’re aiming will guide the dimensions of your infographic. Basically, we like to understand everything about your project, so that you don’t have to worry.

We’re Australia’s largest producer of infographics because people trust us to tell powerful visual stories with their data. How can we help you?