An eBook showcases your expertise and promotes thought leadership.

Some of your ideas may be so powerful and insights so valuable, that they deserve a more in depth treatment than possible with a whitepaper or blog article. Enter the eBook – a content format purpose-fit for long-form content aimed at a wide audience via smartphones, tablets like iPads, and e-readers such as Kindles.

What’s the difference between an eBook and a whitepaper?

To start with, an eBook is much longer than a whitepaper – usually about 20 to 200+ pages. An eBook is an in-depth, deep-dive introduction to your topic of choice. It should be written in accessible, easy-to-read language because it will most probably be used to educate your leads, engage your prospects, and ultimately work as a “soft-sell” tool early in the sales cycle.

eBooks are a powerful marketing tool for generating quality leads

You can sell your eBook, give it away in exchange for your customer’s email address, or use your eBook as a promotional tool for personal branding and promotion as a thought-leader.

The fact that you have written and published an eBook gives you serious ‘cred’ in your industry.

The eBook writing process is a collaborative one.

Writing and publishing an eBook may seem like a daunting affair. It’s a big job and writing, editing, and proofreading the manuscript is only half the project. The other half comprises of formatting, cover design, graphic design, publishing, and then distributing and marketing your eBook.

We can help you with all of that.

Our writers and editors are professional storytellers with many years of experience in writing on all sorts of subjects. They write with passion and personality to tell your story in an original and unique way – your way and using your voice.

We begin the writing process by taking a comprehensive project brief to ascertain the scope and content of your book. Then our writers set to work, touching base with you along the way so you can provide valuable feedback.

The final phase of the production process includes editing and proofreading and finally publishing to your chosen eBook format so that it can be read on iPads, Kindles, smartphones, laptops – almost any device.

After publication, the next big step is eBook distribution – getting your target audience to download, buy, or share your eBook through various online channels. As part of our content distribution services you’ll discover that there are a wide range of platforms, site networks, and technology solutions available to suit any budget

Every content distribution solution is different, and we’ll work to customize a unique distribution plan to reach the needs of your targeted audience.

eBook production, distribution, and marketing:


Cover images and graphic design

Our in-house team of graphic designers can design a compelling eBook cover, text design, and advise on any illustrations or images you may need.

Writing, editing, proof reading and re-writing

The entire eBook writing process from project briefing, writing first, second and even third drafts, editing and proofreading to final polished, publication-ready drafts.

Publishing to any popular ebook format

Publishing to all eBook formats including PDF and those suitable for viewing on smartphones, Kindles, tablets like iPads such as AZW from Amazon, MOBI from MobiPocket (now Amazon), and ePub.

As a printed book

Your eBook is only a short step from becoming an actual physical book. And it’s quite an impressive and satisfying thing to hand over your published book to a client or a prospect.

Content distribution

Your eBook is nothing without readers and we’ll help you make sure that your book reaches its intended target audience with our content distribution services.

Ready to be an author and a thought leader in your field? We can help you make the dream happen. Ask us how.