The Power of Compelling Online Video Content

Everybody loves online video. And as audiences get more excited to watch videos, they also get more excited to share those videos with friends and colleagues via social media and other online channels. This is great news for brands keen to reach out and connect with their customers in innovative, engaging and entertaining ways.

When executed well, video can compel your target audience to act, by converting people into viewers, buyers, and brand evangelists. With this in mind, it’s an exciting opportunity to breathe new life into what was once considered the content format most famous for being boring – the corporate video.

Meet the new, exciting breed of corporate video.

Of all the most effective methods used by B2B marketers, video is the big winner; with a massive 92%* of B2B marketers now using video to engage with their target audience.

Brands now understand that (in most cases) the CEO staring straight to camera from behind an enormous desk only really works for fictional TV presidents. For everybody else, it takes a little more thought and planning.

With the use of innovative story telling techniques, and emotive tools like music, clever dialogue, and a strong narrative – a great corporate video can now present a truly compelling brand story to the world. People connect with brands, based on what they stand for, and the new corporate video is the communication tool to make that human connection happen.

B2B Marketers use:

Video 92%
Email 81%
Blogs 80%

Our video production process starts with collaborative storytelling.

To create great stories that educate, communicate, and entertain your audience, we need to get to know your story – intimately. By understanding what motivates and inspires your target audience, we can engage and hopefully, inspire them.

Through video, we can tell all kinds of stories. Whether it’s a new start up’s mission to disrupt, a new iPhone app, a critical social issue, a non-profit’s work in a developing country, an educational institution, or even an individual’s personal journey of achievement; each story is unique and compelling to its’ specific audience.

You will be guided through the entire process from initial creative brainstorming, story conception, to scripting, production, editing and post-production. It’s your story, so we’ll need your help to tell it effectively.

The stats don’t lie: video triumphs over all other forms of media.

of customers would rather watch a video than read text
greater message retention with video than text
of people are more likely to buy a product after viewing an explainer video (Internet Retailer)
of people view a brand in a more positive light after watching a explainer video (Axonn)

We are emotional beings that make decisions based on powerful emotions and video is the right format for the job.

Ultimately, you want a strong emotional response from your viewers, and we work to create this response with a well-crafted visual narrative. Why so emotional? Because almost 80% of critical decisions are based in an emotional response first, we then we use logic later to support our initial emotional response. We are intrinsically emotional beings, and our response to great video content can be everything from a humorous reaction, to a feeling of personal empowerment.

From choosing which brand of new car you’ll buy, to which candidate you’ll vote for in an election, your initial decision is usually an emotional one.

Video is the format to enable an emotional connection and has the power transform people into engaged and informed customers and, if they share it, an evangelist for your organization, product or service.

Video is the most powerful form of branded content, so it’s important to show your story in a way that really connects with your audience. How can we help you create a video that’s right for you?