What is content distribution? And why is it so important?

You’ve got a clever and educational infographic that you have put a ton of effort into producing – did anyone see it? Or what about the highly emotive motion graphic you had commissioned that really cuts to the heart of the issue – did anyone watch it?

And what about the hours and hours of research and writing time you put into that interesting and informative 2,000-word blog article – did anyone read it?. If this is beginning to sound embarrassingly familiar, then it’s time to talk about content distribution.

If you wrote a blog
And no one came to read it
Did you write a blog?

– haiku by Outbrain

If your target audience doesn’t see your content, did it ever exist?

Producing good quality and helpful content is a great achievement, but content creation is only part of the content marketing mix. Content strategy and content distribution are the other two essential parts of the content marketing process.

Understanding how to distribute your content to the right audience via the most appropriate channels and platforms is almost as important as creating it in the first place. That’s where content distribution comes into play.

There are 3 types of content distribution channels:

There are three key streams available to you when planning your content distribution strategy. However, each business or brand places a different value on each channel depending on a number of contributing factors:



These are channels you own and have absolute publishing control over. Examples include your website, blog, email newsletter database, and social media channels such as LinkedIn and Facebook pages. You can publish when and how much you like.


If your content is helpful, interesting, engaging and relevant it will earn distribution. E.g. your content is so juicy that others are inspired to share it through social media viral sharing, or guest blogging on industry-leading blogs.


Paying for exposure, e.g. AdWords pay-per-click ads (PPC), display ads, re-marketing, and social ads on say Facebook.

Ideally, we all want to keep costs down, so our solutions are focused on trying to do as much with Owned and Earned channels, so that we approach Paid channels with a clear strategy for what to expect for our return on investment.

Some businesses have invested heavily in developing audiences for their brand on social media channels or through email databases, reducing their reliance on paid strategies. However, brands that have little or no social media presence of their own may need to invest in a paid strategy to get their content in front of the right audience. Also some social networks, particularly Facebook, are reducing the reach of organic posts through owned channels in an attempt to encourage a paid solution on their platform.

Content Distribution relies heavily on the “learning to fish where the fish are” theory.

We help you distribute your content through a mix of best-of-breed technology and strategic know-how. There are countless platforms, site networks, and technology solutions available to suit a wide range of budgets, as well as long-tail opportunities through careful planning and forward-thinking.

Every solution is different, and we work collaboratively with you to customise a unique distribution plan to reach the needs of your targeted audience.

Put your content in the heart of the action! We’ll make sure your audience finds it and loves it like you do.