Motion Graphic Case Study


Australian Council for Educational Research

The Challenge

ACER wanted to profile recent international developments across key projects from their newly established education and development business unit. An animated motion graphic video was commissioned to showcase work and research for governments around the world focused on improving literary and numeracy. ACER engaged Curated Content to create a video that was informative, engaging and fun. In addition to this, ACER needed an agency they could trust to turn around animations within a timeframe of 3-4 weeks.

The Solution

ACER reviewed the work of over 10 agencies based on style, price and process. Ultimately they chose Curated Content due to our comprehensive and transparent processes, experience and how responsive we were every step of the way. From the outset we worked with the client to ensure that the final script outlined their findings on helping governments around the world improve literary and numeracy, all while using simple and visual language.


The finished product resulted in a fresh new motion graphic that ticked all the boxes for stakeholders across ACER. This motion graphic is featured on the ACER website and has been used in presentations and at events in Australia and internationally.

“Thanks again Curated Content. Your team are friendly, professional and accessible. Our projects get delivered on time and on budget. Comprehensive project management tools and processes make internal communications between stakeholders a breeze. Highly recommended.”

Alex Harkness – ACER, Manager Multimedia Services