Got your blog on? Why blogging is more critical than ever.

Blogging is one of the most powerful, impactful, and popular marketing tools on the web today. Why? The short version is because it works to attract quality traffic to your website, while at the same time building trust in your brand.

But blogging also performs quite a few very critical marketing functions to support your overall content strategy and boost your brand’s online footprint. Not convinced yet? Here’s just a short list of the (huge) benefits of regular blogging for your business or organization:


traffic generated

Blogging drives the right kind of traffic to your website.

The best blog articles are written with the right cluster of keywords that work to attract the right kind of visitors from search engines. These are people who’ve probably never heard of your business before, but are actively searching or Googling for your product or service. Every. Single. Day.

By writing a new blog article with juicy and highly relevant keywords, you’re increasing the actual size of your website and it’s highly relevant content. You’re increasing its authority factor in Google’s eyes, and Google will reward you with higher rankings and therefore more traffic. #Winning!


Blogging engages and converts visitors into leads and buyers.

Showcasing your expertise and sharing your knowledge has the natural run-on effect of increasing the critical trust factor. The more you educate your prospective customers and potential leads, the more likely they are to keep coming back, again and again. The more they engage and read, the more likely they’ll be to download PDFs, join your email list and buy your product or service.

thought leadership

Blogging showcases your authority as a thought-leader or industry expert.

The more you blog, the more ‘real estate’ you gain in the digital marketplace for your brand in your niche. Your brand shows up more and more in Google searches, your site gets more traffic, and your online brand awareness grows. It’s a wave of critical mass you definitely want to be riding because you’ll start to see the results in increased traffic and real revenue.

social media

Blogging is great for SEO and social media.

One of the best things about creating regular and original blog articles is that you have a juicy content asset that you can distribute across your social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. And again, you have traffic coming into your site via multiple social channels, something we call ‘social signals’ in SEO-speak. The more Google sees traffic coming to your site from various social channels, the more it will trust your website as an authority in your subject matter (AKA keyword cluster).

About our blog article writers.

We have a team of truly international (Australia, US and UK) blog article writers on board who are experts in writing highly engaging and optimized blog content on almost any topic, in almost any style, that aligns with your overall business strategy and marketing objectives. Whether you need an image-heavy fashion blog article, or an academic-toned piece on the latest advance in cancer research, we can write it for you.

Best of all, our writers also understand the intricacies of marketing your blog via inbound marketing and fertile content distribution channels to make sure you gain the attention of your target audience – in the right place and at the right time.

Want to know more about how blogging will increase your online footprint? Ask us how.